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I come bearing fic... *meep*

Title: Chicken Soup
Pairing: Domlijah
Rating: PG-13 [tis v.tame]
Disclaimer: Never happened, not true, all a product of my warped imagination
Dedication: One fluffy Domlijah for my princess, telleer - sorry it's taken so long. I hope you like it... ♥ xx

Elijah was annoyed. Really annoyed. He hated it when plans unravelled, he hated it when lines of communication broke down, he hated being forced into a situation he wasn’t prepared for. This was it. This took the biscuit then returned for the rest of the pack. He threw his holdall into the back of the taxi and calmly gave the beachfront address he had committed to memory from months of film-set postcards and stupid care packages of photographs and notes and little bits and bobs he knew you could never get on the island.

The journey soothed his mood slightly but by the time he’d reached the front door, he was seething again. There was absolutely no excuse for this. They ad made arrangements, they always stuck to their plans. Dom could’ve called or even a simple text message to let him know why the fuck he had been stood up the very first time he had come to Hawaii to see his boyfriend. Elijah knocked forcefully on the door and it swung open in response. Frowning, he stepped inside and shut it tightly behind him. He dropped his holdall in the hallway and walked through the house.

There was no sign of Dom downstairs. At all. Everything was clean, almost untouched. He headed to the staircase and walked up them. His initial confusion had now dissipated and anger had returned. He wasn’t here. Dom had forgotten that he was coming; he’d gone out with his new friends and totally forgotten that his boyfriend was arriving today. Elijah walked along the hallway, glancing into open rooms and eventually reaching a closed door. He knew from the other rooms that it was the master bedroom and with a sigh, he pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Dom was snoring softly, his breath catching every so often as his blocked nostrils attempted to catch up with his lungs. The entire room reeked of eucalyptus and tissues scattered every surface possible. Elijah’s anger vanished in a heartbeat. His baby was ill. He walked over to the bed and sat next to Dom, looking at him intensely. His hair was plastered to his forehead by sweat and he was shivering despite the blankets. Elijah stroked the slightly damp skin of his cheek and smiled. Dom stopped snoring and slowly opened his eyes. He frowned for a moment, lost in the endless crystalline ocean of Elijah’s eyes when realisation flooded him.

“Oh shit! Jorge was supposed to tell me when it was Wednesday,” he croaked, trying to sit up but failing as the world began to spin. “I’ve been so out of it. Oh baby, I am so sorry,”

“Don’t be so stupid,” smiled Elijah, still stroking his cheek. “You’re ill; it’s not your fault. You should’ve told me though, I’d have rescheduled for when you were all better,”

“I know but it’s been too long and I just wanted to see you,” he sighed before suddenly coughing sharply. Elijah was sure he could hear the rattling in his lungs as he wheezed and fought for breath. “God, I feel like crap. I’m so sorry. This isn’t what I had in mind for your first trip to Hawaii,”

“Well, nursing you wasn’t high on my list of things to do but seeing as I’m here…” laughed Elijah. “But you better be okay by Sunday, I wanna go to Foxy’s famous beach barbecue thing,” Dom laughed and started coughing again. Elijah moved his hand down from his face and pressed it softly against Dom’s chest.

“No nookie for you this week,” he smiled weakly. “Unless you fancy some of this fucking pneumonia?” Elijah smiled and leaned down, kissing Dom’s lips softly. He’d missed him so much that he didn’t care if they made love; he just wanted him to feel better. He wanted to hold him close and smother him in kisses and hugs and paracetamol and cold cure syrup.

“Go back to sleep, baby. I’ll be back soon, okay?” he whispered. Dom was too tired to argue, he merely nodded his head and closed his eyes. It didn’t take him long to fall back into a deep sleep.


When he woke again, he could hear a cacophony of noise coming from downstairs. He pushed back the duvet and sighed loudly, the effort of swinging his legs off the bed making him exhausted instantly. He grabbed the blanket from the bed and wrapped it around his bare shoulders, struggling to stay steady as he moved towards the door. By the time he reached the staircase, he had gained his momentum slightly and managed to manoeuvre his way down the steps and into the kitchen.

“What are you doing out of bed?” asked Elijah immediately. Dom smiled at the sight before him. Chopped vegetables and an array of shopping bags littered the kitchen worktops and Elijah himself, wooden spoon in hand, was stood over a pan on the stove looking every inch the housewife.

“What the fuck are you doing?” laughed Dom, the sudden expelling of air from his lungs making him dizzy. He placed a hand on the frame of the door to stop himself tumbling forward. “Are you cooking?” More soft laughing, not too loud as to stop him coughing his lungs up.

“I am making you chicken soup, as a matter of fact, you ungrateful wanker!” said Elijah, his tongue rolling around the British insult perfectly. “Mom always made it when I was sick and I thought I’d make it for you, okay?” Dom’s smile softened slightly and he looked deeply at Elijah, his chest tight from the illness but his heart tightening as he realised just how much he loved the man standing in front of him. He let go of the door jamb and stepped forward purposefully, the blanket dropping to the floor leaving him naked save for a pair of old boxer shorts. “You’ll freeze,” whispered Elijah.

“Shut up,” said Dom and kissed him. A soft kiss at first, the briefest touch of lips against lips then deeper and deeper. Dom’s tongue slid easily into Elijah’s mouth and their arms circled around each other, locking them in a tight embrace as they kissed. They broke apart, Dom literally fighting for breath and Elijah holding him upright with a shy smile playing on his lips.

“Come on, you idiot. Sit down,” he said, helping Dom walk into the living room. Dom lay down on the sofa and Elijah ran back to the kitchen and grabbed the blanket lying on the floor to drape over him. “What are you like? I swear to God, Monaghan. You never learn,”

“It was worth it,” he grinned cheekily and Elijah laughed out loud. He perched on the edge of the sofa, brushing Dom’s hair back from his face. “When’s the soup ready? I’m starving,”

“Soon,” he said quietly, soaking in every pore of Dom’s face. He really had no idea how much he’d missed him until now. Of course he had pangs of loneliness wandering their old apartment alone but now that he was here, now that he could see Dom, everything was different. He never wanted to leave. “I love you,” Dom smiled up at him.

“I love you too,” he said. Elijah leaned down and kissed him briefly on the forehead before standing up and checking on the soup. It was all he could do to show Dom just how much he meant to him. All he could do to prove just how much he really did love him. "It's ready, how much do you want?" he called back from the kitchen as he stirred the thickening soup.

Silence. Elijah walked back into the living room. Dom was fast asleep again, curled up beneath his blanket and snoring softly. Elijah laughed to himself and left him to it. He put the saucepan lid over the soup. It would keep. His mind slipped back to Dom's kisses. It would keep.

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